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About Us

The dawn of 1st May, 1966 witnessed the foundation of an edifice of education, the temple of learning named B.D. Memorial. When a seed is sown, all wait for it to blossom into a plant and then the plant grows into a tree. This growth and development is a continuous and persistent process. This journey of erstwhile B.D. Memorial would never have begun, without the foundation stone being laid by the founders and great visionaries Late Mr. G.N. Khaitan and Late Smt. Draupadi Devi Khaitan. They believed that education is an entry point to other opportunities and considered young minds to be the leaders of tomorrow possessing the power to create significant impact not only as they grow older, but also as young people. Since its inception the school has risen like a gigantic model of futuristic education providing the students with the best and latest technology available in the field of education which will enable them to get the maximum support possible in their road to success.

The school had started with one educator and two educands in Bansdroni, and this little sapling has now grown into an enormous tree with 6 branches under B.D. Memorial.