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B.D. Memorial Mahamayatala Branch is an integral part of a student’s learning where we ensure progression in the development of essential life skills. Students are encouraged to learn through a sense of enquiry and develop a keen desire to know. The branch aims to provide a happy nurturing environment where each child is treated as an individual. With our strong well defined curriculum, and dynamic teaching staff students grow into happy and responsible future citizens.

A wide range of learning strategies like smart board, multimedia resources, demonstration, classroom activities are used to make learning effective. Differentiated learning ensures that there is no ceiling set to learning and it caters to the academic need of each child.

The focus here is to provide continuity and progression in curricular and extra-curricular activities for all students as they move from the Primary level to the rigour of Upper Primary level.

Partnership with parents is a powerful tool to encourage student-development and we ensure that parents are kept well informed of their children’s academic progress. We aim at making our students good social beings.