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The Bansdroni Branch of B.D.Memorial has students from the level of KG till class IV, and provides a stable platform for education. This is the flagship branch of the group of institutions. The endeavour is to impart to all students proper primary training as a part of conventional teaching process. The teaching programme also includes a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which help to unfold the imagination and creative aspirations of the young minds. This well balanced curriculum makes learning very enjoyable.

The teachers operate in unison and constantly focus on motivating the slow learners while simultaneously encouraging the average and gifted students. Periodic interaction with the guardians including counselling positively influences the personality development of every child with a healthy mind.

Discipline and Punctuality are considered as the primary criteria for imparting value education. Accordingly all staff members try to strictly adhere to the prescribed guidelines and inculcate the same in the students.