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Our Story

The dawn of 1st May, 1966 witnessed the foundation of an edifice of education, the temple of learning named B.D. Memorial Jr. School. When a seed is sown, all wait for it to blossom into a plant and then the plant grows into a tree. This growth and development is a continuous and persistent process. This journey of erstwhile B.D. Memorial Jr. School would never have begun, without the foundation stone being laid by the founders and great visionaries Late Mr. G.N. Khaitan and Late Smt. Draupadi Devi Khaitan.

Our Team

The resolve behind education we have built at B.D. Memorial Jr. School is based on the premise that we have a part to play in shaping the future.

The School Management, Teachers and Parents are partners in achieving excellence, as well as mentors throughout the child’s unending yet joyful journey of knowledge. Our model of education becomes real and effective only because of the thoughtful support and diligence of all stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the leaders of tomorrow need to be analytical, creative problem solvers who can adapt comprehensively to any environment however challenging. Our goal is to develop individuals who are mentally alert, morally sound and emotionally well-balanced to face the challenges and adversities of the world.

Why Us?

B.D. Memorial Jr. School ushers you to a future with limitless learning opportunities for every child. As a school, we believe in the academic, mental, physical and social development in a safe and friendly environment so that they can grow up to become respectful and responsible assets to the society. The breadth of our curriculum and our wide range of facilities, thus allow each child to explore his or her potential to the fullest.

Our Approach

A child learns in many ways – questioning adults, collaborating with peers, and experiencing the world through his or her unique perspective.

Our teaching methodology aims to strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity that helps a child develop holistically. Education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. We believe in holistic development of a child that would lead to more than just qualifications when he faces the real world after school. In a dynamic and shifting world, this kind of learning impacts individual growth as well as global consciousness.

Our Schools

  • Bansdroni
  • Garia
  • Golf Garden
  • Mahamayatala
  • Vijaygarh


Language and Literacy

Numerical and Logical

Physical Development

Emotional Development


Activities and Clubs

With the right educational program, physical place, and organizational culture we encourage our students to be environmentally conscious and become global citizens. Our schools are a space for creative thinking, a source of inspiration, and a starting point for developing a sense of awareness and responsibility. The journey to that goal begins with educating students in a healthy and sustainable environment.

At B.D. Memorial Jr. School our children are gaining sustainability experience through activities and clubs aligned to sustainable development goals.

  • Green

    Green Club empowers children to take up environmental activities and projects and also motivates them to take action to improve their immediate environment.

  • STEM

    STEM club helps children to engage with science from an early age. Through experimentation, children develop their creativity as well as exploration skills.

  • Art and Craft

    Art and Craft Club activities keep the children focused and also help them in growing self esteem. They enjoy both guided as well as individual activities like origami, painting, sketching, seasonal craft and festival craft.

  • Reading and Storytelling

    Reading and Storytelling Club enables our students to attain a deeper understanding of other people. In this course children develop a love for literature in a positive and healthy environment.

  • Dance

    Dance Club - The school embraces diversity and in its pursuit of excellence, sets high standards of achievement for its pupils in social and cultural activities.

  • Music

    Music Club helps students unwind from their academic routine and learn the basic sense of rhythm and melody. The students are introduced to a variety of musical genres in both eastern and western traditions.

  • Sports

    Sports Club - We encourage students to value sports as we believe that a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body. They are guided and trained by qualified teachers for different sports activities so that they can take up sports as a vocation in future.

  • Yoga

    Yoga Club - Our yoga curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance, etc. from an early age.