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Virtual School

Our Virtual blended Learning Curriculum helps children to learn through videos, online sessions of Story telling, Puppet theatre, Music & Dance, Parent Child interactive sessions, Games & Yoga, STEAM, Life Skills, Annual Fest, Sports Prize distribution, Graduation Workshops, Webinars and Special School app

Online Learning Sessions

Our teachers inspire children with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities and high-quality teaching as part of our blended learning approach. The online learning platforms we use are safe and secure. There is proper and clear scheduling, curriculum and methodology adopted by teachers to ensure holistic learning and development of skills.

Games and Yoga Sessions

It is so important to children’s physical and mental health to stay active and practice their yoga, even if on a screen. Teachers have stretched their creative muscles to enable children adapt to virtual Yoga, games and activities.

Life Skills Sessions

Teachers strive to provide innovative online learning activities for children to increase their social emotional literacy and develop essential skills like resilience, growth mindset, respect for the physical body and communication that will help them be successful in school, work and life.

Music and Body Movement

Young children’s attention spans are shorter and their bodies just want to move. In addition to recess, we make sure to provide music and movement activities for our children

STEM & STEAM Sessions

STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. In STEAM we add an A for Art, too. Both are integrated approaches to learning that encourage students to think more broadly about real-world problems. This interdisciplinary approach has helped create innovations. Our children are guided to do these activities and have fun while learning.


Children are helped to learn better through online rhymes, rhyming games, word families and phonetics.

Story Sessions

Who does not love a story? Teachers have our interactive story sessions with children. A great way to practice reading, our online stories make learning exciting for primary and pre primary children.

Parent Child Interactive Sessions

Blended Virtual Learning is providing opportunities for parents and children to collaborate in learning activities, thus increasing bonding between parents and children as they are able to spend much more time together.

Expressive Art Integrated Sessions

Children’s creative, expressive and physical development is closely linked with all aspects of their learning. Our children are given opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of: art and design, music, movement, dance, dramatic and role-play activities. Through taking part in a range of well-planned activities, fine and gross motor skills of children are helped to develop.

Experiential Learning – Developing Skills, Concepts and Attitudes

Experiential learning is quite simply, learning through experience. Children are guided to have these hands-on learning experiences, which is a great way to engage their minds and bodies. For children who have not yet started reading, those who struggle to read, and readers alike, experiential learning offers a way to learn, teach and transform our experiences by further engaging in them.

Some virtual celebrations

Annual Fest

Each year a different theme is selected around which the School Annual Fest is based. In the Academic Year 2020 – 21 , students of B.D. Memorial Jr. School presented the FIRST ever VIRTUAL FEST “PANCHBHOOTAM”- focussing on the increasingly visible connections among the well being of humans and the five elements of Nature.

Graduation Day

Kindergarten graduation is a milestone in the education of the tiny tots worth commemorating and enjoying. Making the leap from being a kindergarten student to a primary student is big enough. The little wonders of B.D. Memorial Jr. School after successfully completing their KG education move on to Primary Classes. It is a special moment for them and the beginning of new experiences to come.

Play Day

When we visualize children, a picture of them, running around and playing happily is only painted in our minds. Playing games together builds bonds, trust and cooperation. So we want our children to be playful for their harmonious development. Keeping this in mind, B.D. Memorial Jr. School has organized its First Ever Virtual Play Day for 2020- 2021

Training, Workshops and Professional Development

Our Teachers are lifelong learners! They continually improve their pedagogy, their subject knowledge and their understanding of child development. In the pandemic times teachers enthusiastically engaged themselves in online learning through courses and webinars.

Parent Communication

We believe in School – Families partnership for effective development of skills and enhancement of learning in children. Together parents and teachers can collaborate to strengthen and support children’s holistic development. Hence we keep parents involved in their children’s progress.

Prize Distribution

At B.D. Memorial Jr. School we acknowledge and applaud all children for the efforts that they make. However some children go an extra mile. In order to motivate them Prize Distribution ceremony is held every year. Virtual Prize Distribution Ceremony was held in 2020-21.